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Ghost Rider

It’s the old story of good versus evil where the good guy gets to look cool on a fiery blazing chopper.

Marvel comics strikes again as the comic pages come to life as only Nicolas Cage can characterize playing motorcyclist stunt rider, Johnny Blaze. Cage is perfect for the role as his laid back easygoing personality persists throughout the film.

The back-story includes a devilish deceptive contract with the devil, in exchange for Johnny’s soul for his father’s life but his dad is dying of cancer: Johnny’s dad dies anyway, not from Cancer but a motorcycle accident so the contract reminds binding. Johnny Blaze becomes the “Ghost Rider” as part of another yet another agreement with Mephistopheles, father of the Blackheart with the hope that
Ghost Rider will defeat his son.

The movie, although imaginary is somewhat childish fueled by an unoriginal plot backed by a dull music score. I really thought the burning Skeleton riding his hot bike was cool enough to watch the movie in it’s entirety. It’s an okay film.

No Biker Syndrome going on here

Ghost Rider (2007)
Rating by me: 2.5 stars

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