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Harley-Davidson Embraces Its Tech Side

Harley's first Electric Bike

While watching CNBC’s Squawk Box show last week, I heard Jim Cramer make the following comment:

“You know… this may be more of a technology company than we think. It reads like a fantastic semiconductor company.”

The company he was referring to?

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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month (May 2013)

National Ride to Work Day (June 17, 2013)   (


  • Spread the word about increasing motorcyclists’ safety, and
  • Support and enhance your motorcycle safety awareness programs.


Motorcyclists have all the same rights and privileges as any motor vehicle driver on the roadway. During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May – and during the rest of the year – drivers of all other vehicles and all road users are reminded to safely “share the road” with motorcyclists, and to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe..

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EPA to seek independent scientific analysis on the effects of 15 percent ethanol

Urge your Representative to support today!
On February 7, 2012, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology will vote on H.R. 3199, introduced by Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) on October 14, 2011. This bill would require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to seek independent scientific analysis on the effects of 15 percent ethanol blend (E15) gasoline.

To watch a live webcast of the markup, click here.

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Daytona’s Main Street merchants seek to expand Biketoberfest

By CLAYTON PARK, Business writer
January 18, 2012 12:30 AM

2012 Bike Events

Bike Week: March 9-19 Biketoberfest: Oct. 18-21 (currently planned dates) Proposed expanded dates for Biketoberfest: Oct. 19-28

DAYTONA BEACH — Main Street merchants receive a welcome boost each fall when the area hosts the Daytona Beach Biketoberfest, the annual four-day motorcycle rally that attracts more than 100,000 visitors.

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World’s most famous traffic outlaw giving away his 499-horsepower turbo motorcycle


22:26 January 4, 2012

Marine surprised by motorcycle caravan

Marine Cpl. Bobby Permer noticed one thing out of the ordinary on Sunday morning while attending services at Village Church of Gurnee: His sister, Jessica, was carrying a camcorder.

Fortunately, he was not in position to see the 20 Patriot Guard motorcycles lining up out in front, along with the color guard from the Marine Corps League Lake County Detachment 801. And Jessica was ready with an explanation for the camcorder.

“She told me an old friend of the family was outside, and she wanted to get some video,” said Permer, adding that he was completely surprised by the crowd that gathered to celebrate his return from his second deployment in Afghanistan.

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Federal Helmet Mandates

MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation
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11NR34 – MRF News Release – National Call to Action: Federal Helmet MandatesFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
13 December 2011
Contact:Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Ralations and Public Affairs
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Rumor Has It:

The Spanish distributor for the movie ‘Larry Crowne’ was fined for a poster showing stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Tripictures was given a traffic fine of 30,000 euros ($41,500) for using the films U.S. poster to promote the movies overseas premiere because the government claimed it promoted reckless driving.

The distributor initially thought the ticket was a joke, but in 1985 Spain instituted a law that banned advertisements from promoting reckless driving. Fines are also given to celebrities if they promote the image of poor driving. One example came last year, when singer Shakira drove through Barcelona on a motorcycle without a helmet in one of her music videos.

Gov. Rick Snyder proclaimed May 2011: “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month”

By a certificate of proclamation, Gov. Rick Snyder has proclaimed May 2011 as “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month” to remind motorists of the seasonal return of motorcycle enthusiasts to Michigan roadways. The event is supported by a legislative resolution and is being promoted by state departments and motorcycle rider groups concerned with highway safety.

The awareness campaign seeks a broader recognition of motorcycles in the transportation mix and strives to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths on state roadways. The target audience incorporates vehicle drivers and motorcycle operators. The principal concerns are to increase driver recognition of motorcyclists in traffic, while encouraging motorcyclists to participate in Motorcycle Safety Foundation training available through the Michigan Department of State.

As highway safety supporters, motorcyclists ask that motorists get in the habit of looking for motorcycles as they drive, both during the safety awareness month and throughout the riding season. We are your neighbors, friends and families. Together we can share the road safely.

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The Bikers Suing Their Local Police (Biker Syndrome Alert!)

NEW YORK –   The cops call them Harley-riding “terrorists,” but a group of bikers in California say they’re misunderstood—and to prove it, they’re using the whitest-collar of legal tactics: They’re suing.

In 2010, the small, rural city of Hemet, California, made headlines when its tiny police department was besieged by a series of booby traps aimed at killing gang task-force officers. The police quickly focused their attention on a local gang of skinheads and an outlaw band of bikers known as the Vagos. It turned out that the alleged attackers had an axe to grind with a local anti-gang detective, and had no connection with the two groups.

Now, the Vagos International Motorcycle Club has filed a lawsuit claiming their reputation was tarnished by the investigation. The 14-page lawsuit, filed March 17, alleges that law-enforcement officials defamed the 42-year-old club by referring to them at a press conference as “cockroaches” and “terrorists” who pose “an extreme threat to law enforcement.”

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