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What to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Clothing & Motorcycle Gloves

Much of the motorcycle paraphernalia found on the motorcycle clothing UK market today is made with the primary end goal of looks in mind. While there is nothing wrong with wearing motorcycle gloves and other motorcycle clothing that has a stylish appearance, the final goal of all motorcycle clothing that is chosen and purchased should be to protect the wearer. If a person falls or is knocked form his or her motorcycle while riding down the street at fifty to sixty miles per hour, then the individual will not care much how good the motorcycle gloves and clothing looked from the top of the bike.

The United States motorcycle clothing and motorcycle gloves markets are at a severe and unfortunate disadvantage with regards to safety issues. No single regulatory body presides over these protective clothing manufacturers as is routinely the case in Europe. The Europeans and their regulatory boards make motorcycle clothing go through extended tests before they allow such motorcycle gloves and motorcycle clothing to be sold and promoted as protective clothing.

Although many individuals are not aware of this, the lower half of a person’s body is what is most commonly injured in a motorcycle accident. Because this proves to be the case, motorcyclists should ensure that they purchase protective pants that are made from high quality genuine leather. It is similarly important to obtain pants that contain added reinforcement to the hip and knee areas. They should also come with the possibility of connecting them to the riders’ jacket. This only increases the safety and protection of the mutually reinforcing pants and jacket. The motorcycle boots ought to be designed using flexible and thick leather, while the boots’ soles need to be made from a material which is resistant to both oils and other kinds of petroleum products.

Motorcycle jackets also require some care in selection. A great number of such jackets offered for sale these days are simply made for their stylish appearance. These types of motorcycle jackets commonly employ a too thin leather that is not at all useful for protecting a rider’s chest and arms. Every potential point of contact, including elbows and shoulders, must be reinforced and feature additional padding against a possible impact.

Motorcycle gloves are also important for protecting the hands. A protective and effective pair of leather gloves is absolutely required in order to stop the riders from tearing up their hands’ palms in only a minor type of accident. Human nature is to put the hands out in order to stop oneself from hurting the rest of the body when a person is thrown to the ground or falls from anything. People who picked out thin gloves, only intended for looks, have worn life time severe scars on their hands as a result of minor accidents.

Leather remains the most commonly picked out material by serious motorcyclists for motorcycle clothing UK. These days, other synthetic fabrics that offer substantial protection in an accident exist and are offered on the market. Among these types is the Kevlar reinforced jeans that have actually been tested to hold up for more than five seconds during an abrasion test. Contrast this with regular jeans that hold up for perhaps a half second in an accident.

When motorcyclists go shopping for their motorcycle gloves and other motorcycle clothing next time, hopefully they will take heed to this critically important early warning. Safety should always come first, especially where motorcycles and their clothing gear are concerned. While everyone enjoys looking attractive and stylish, few people prefer to do it from the bed of a hospital.

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