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Understanding Motorcycle Rider Apparel

By: Martin Jack

If you love motorcycles, then chances are that you would want to cruise along the several roads and take in a different view. However, motorcycle riding can be quite dangerous, given the speed and nature of the vehicle and this is why you should invest in good quality motorcycle apparel, to help avoid accidents of any kind. Given the popularity of motorcycle riding today, there are different kinds of such apparel available in the market. However, before investing in appropriate apparel for safe motorcycle riding, it is important to understand the types, the materials used and places to buy it from, so that you only get the best for yourself and yet are not paying through your nose.

Motorcycle apparel in its broad context denotes and includes apparel like jackets, pants, chaps, boots, vests and helmets. Helmets are an integral part of safe motorcycle riding and there are several types that you can choose from, like the Shoei helmets or Bell helmets, use of which makes riding safer and more secure. However, this does not mean that the other aspects of such apparel are not important, for every piece of clothing has its uses and it is important to understand this before you invest in it.

While trying to understand the importance of motorcycle apparel on the whole, it is important to understand that such apparel are available in different sizes, right from kids who are small to riders who are tall and big. It is important to get the perfect sized apparel for motorcycle riding as it could otherwise affect the result of any accident. For example, if you were to use helmets that do not fit you perfectly, then chances of it shifting when you fall increases, which would mean that the helmet offers no protection, whatsoever. However, such situations can be avoided by using helmets like Shoei helmets and Bell helmets, which are known for their perfect fit.

It is pertinent to note that such apparel is made using different kinds of materials, most popular of which is leather. Most enthusiastic riders dream of riding that perfect Harley with beautiful leather apparel along with helmets like Shoei Helmets and Bell helmets. If this is your dream, then it is important to understand the differences in leather apparel before buying it.

It is interesting to note that there are different types of leather, namely, sheepskin leather, synthetic leather, cow hide leather etc. The type of leather used for making motorcycle apparel is cow hide leather, which goes through several processes to ensure that it is perfect for riding. It is essential to note that even with a single type of leather being used for leather motorcycle apparel, there are four varieties of this leather, which affect the ultimate price of the apparel you are purchasing. Grain leather is the first type, which is created after the hair is removed from the cow hide; this is perhaps the cheapest of all leather. The other three, namely, split, top grain and full grain are leather created after processing the basic grain leather. Full grain is the best quality leather with top grain following closely.

Leather motorcycle apparel is expensive, especially if you are planning to buying full grain or top grain quality apparel. However, you can easily ease the burden on your pocket by shopping online. Online stores have a wide array of apparel options for motorcycle riding, including leather apparel and good quality helmets like Shoei helmets, Zeus, Bell helmets and the like. The best part of such online stores, however, apart from the variety is the price. It is cheaper to shop for such apparel online than it is in a brick and mortar store. This is largely because online stores do not have to worry about paying any overheads and the like, which makes it easy for them to charge manufacturing rates.

Cleaning your leather apparel by hand and using a cleaner meant for leather motorcycle apparel will ensure its long life. Additionally, it is good to vacuum and blow on your leather apparel to remove the dust and other particles before indulging in wet cleaning. Wet cleaning should be kept to the minimum as it would otherwise spoil the leather. Always keep a bottle of petroleum jelly handy so that you can apply it, if the coat starts to dry.

Caring for your motorcycle apparel, whether your Shoei helmets, Zeus or Bell helmets on one hand or the leather apparel on the other is very important. It is essential to ensure that they are in perfect shape so that they can handle all kinds of accidents without causing harm to your body. Any wear and tear in the apparel, including your Shoei helmets and Bell helmets etc should be immediately rectified, repaired or replaced, depending on the nature of damage. Leather apparel; on the other hand, require proper care so that they can last longer.

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