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Tips For Having A Successful Group Motorcycle Ride

Group motorcycle rides can be a fun and exciting experience for any motorcyclist, but can also turn out to be a disaster if the proper steps are not taken to sure that everything goes smoothly.  Here are some tips that you can follow if you’re preparing an upcoming group motorcycle ride.

Plan Your Route

You can’t have a successful ride if you don’t know where you’re going or you don’t have any type of route mapped out that identifies all of the roads that you will be taking.  It’s important that you have a detailed plan for your ride so you have the most organized experience possible.  A good idea is to have one of the riders map the ride out prior to the actual event and then drive the route to make sure that all of the roads are navigable.  This will ensure that there are no surprises or unexpected situations on the trip.

Know Who Is Going

When you plan a group motorcycle ride you’ll want to know exactly who is going on the ride so you can account for them throughout the entire trip.  This way you can help plan accommodations if any are needed and also plan on how you will keep everyone together during the ride.  If you have a small group it is easier to stick together, but if you have a large group of riders, then you might have to consider having stopping points along the way that will allow for regrouping. Make sure all of your members are accounted for when you first meet so that you know for sure who is there.

Ride Safe

Maintaining safe driving is critical on group rides not only for the fact that there are large numbers of riders all sharing the same roadways, but because you are already at a disadvantage by being on a motorcycle in the first place.  Reckless driving should be avoided at all costs not only for your own safety, but the safety of others that are on the ride.

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