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The Bandanna Collar from Sugar Pet Accessories is a HITT!

Article by Steven Michaels

The Bandanna Collar from Sugar Pet Accessories is a HITT! – Other


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The Bandanna Collar is a HIT!!! The Bandanna Collar from the new, upscale company, Sugar Pet Accessories is the new MUST HAVE for any pet lover. This patented product for cats and dogs, blends a bandanna and a collar into one handsome, reversible product. I’ve been reviewing products for a while now, and this is definitely one of the coolest and hippest products that I’ve come across. Now, I’m a die hard pet lover which means that I frequent dog parks. So, one day, I outfitted my Labrador, Harley, and my mini Doberman, Elle, in Bandanna Collars and headed off to the park. I was expecting to have a normal run at the dog park, but, to my surprise, Harley and Elle were the “hits of the party.” Countless people stopped me to comment on how gorgeous and unique the collars were, while asking where they could find them. The adoration just poured in! Harley and Elle relished in all the attention. And, I definitely relished in all the unexpected attention I got from the ladies. The Bandanna Collar comes in several designs including the “America,” that Harley wore, featuring American flags on one side and army fatigue corduroy on the other. The “Amora,” worn by Elle, features darling red hearts on one side and a lovely floral corduroy on the other. Whether you’re in to bling, music, biking, ranching, mod, retro, or if you are a down home traditionalist, Sugar is for sure to make a Bandanna Collar that will suit your taste. The Bandanna Collar retails for between $ 35 and $ 65 and is in my opinion worth every penny. You can find the Bandanna Collar as well as other products from Sugar Pet Accessories at several pet and gift boutiques in the Atlanta, GA area. Sugar’s products will also, soon be available at boutiques and fine department stores nationwide.

Steven Michaels is a professional product reviewer who writes for several columns.

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Steven Michaels is a professional product reviewer.

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Steven Michaels

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