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Task Force Uncovers Motorcycle Chop Shop 03/2010

DAYTONA BEACH — Hours after News 13 aired a story on a pair of stolen bikes recovered during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, investigators from the Motorcycle Task Force have uncovered an apparent chop shop operation targeting bikes.

Investigators, just like the two News 13 followed Tuesday, ran across another stolen motorcycle some time that day.

While working the case, it led them to a possible rolling chop shop operation in the area.

They believe the whole thing was run out of New York.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office has not released where the bikes were taken or if any arrests have been made.

This task force, which is made up of detectives from several departments and agencies, recovered nearly 3 dozen stolen motorcycles during Bike Week 2009.

Only 25 percent of stolen bikes are ever recovered, which is a much lower recovery rate than cars or trucks.


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