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Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Laws

With all of the recent talk about Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law possibly being repealed (meaning Michigan bikers would not be required to wear a helmet), it’s important for every motorcyclist to understand what insurance is available and how every rider could be affected in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accident-related fatalities have been increasing since 1997, while injuries have been increasing since 1999. Having the right type of motorcycle insurance is critical to protect yourself if you’re seriously injured in a crash and are unable to work.

Michigan’s motorcycle accident law is different than those for car accidents or truck accidents. A motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle in Michigan, according to the No-Fault law. This was meant to exclude motorcycles, making bikers involved in crashes exempt from the legal requirement to purchase No-Fault PIP insurance coverage. But motorcycle accidents often involve other cars and trucks on the road. As such, Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits will generally be available to Michigan motorcycle accident victims.

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