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Motorcycle Helmets Can Save Your Life

It’s been proven through several studies that motorcycle helmets save lives by decreasing the risk of having a fatal head injury if you are involved in a traffic accident. If you ride without a helmet, you increase your chance of a fatal head injury from an accident by approximately 40%. You also increase your likelihood of having a nonfatal injury by about 15%.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strongly stands behind having motorcycle helmet laws be mandatory in all 50 states. It estimates that motorcycle helmets can decrease your chances of having a fatal crash by 37%. A University of Southern California study indicated that if you wear a motorcycle helmet, this is the most significant factor that will help ensure you survive a motorcycle crash. A Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System study, also known as a CODES study, showed that motorcycle helmets were 67% effective in preventing brain injuries when crashes occurred. The CODES study also showed that riders who didn’t wear helmets were three times more likely to have brain injuries than riders who wore helmets did. Those states that have enacted motorcycle helmet laws show a decrease in rider fatalities, while those that have weakened or repeal motorcycle helmet laws have shown an increase in rider fatalities.

Motorcycle helmets’ construction and technology has greatly improved over the last 15 years. Today, helmets are much more comfortable and provide much more protection than they did earlier. Today, it’s no longer true that helmets limit a rider’s field of vision and hearing. In addition, the face shield protects the rider from forceful wind blasts, debris, and bugs. The ears are also protected in the helmet, which limits wind noise.

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