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Great Pirate Party Idea

Article by mark keller

Fun Pirate Pinata Party Ideas!

Pirate parties have always been popular. Every kid wants to toss on the eye patch and bandanna and with sword in hand and shout arrr. This year give your little scaly wag a pirate adventure they will never forget. With just a few pirate party supplies and an imagination you can create unforgettable adventure. Also one of the great things about pirate parties is that you can save a lot of the decorations and accessories and use them on Halloween. This is a great way to save some money and keep your youngster enjoying each holiday. Try some different for your birthday party here like a treasure hunt. A great idea at Zurchers Party Store is doing pirate pinata [] treasure hunt. This is one pirate party they will never forget so beware.

It’s important when doing this Pirate Pinata [] Treasure Hunt too keep the theme going throughout the whole party. It will fire the imagination of the young ones and keep it special. Start by sending the invitations to the friends. These invitation will act as part of a buried pirate treasure map. For this take brown paper bag from the store and a marker. Then write out the details on the paper; time, place, rsvp, pick up time ect. Take a big piece of the paper bag and draw a map on it. The map is going to give the location of the first clue. After drawing up the map crumple it and rip it into as many pieces as there are invitations. Note: You could draw the map on the back of the invitations to save time and money. Each pirate will receive a piece of the map. This will take them to the first spot. This treasure hunt can take place anywhere. Inside the house, outside the house, or even at the park.

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