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100 Greatest Comic Book Superheroes Ever: 100 to 76

Article by Blake Anderson Aka Actionlad

In the wake of DC Comics’ big revamp with “the new 52” I thought that I should make a list of my all-time favorite comic book superheroes.

100. Duplicate Boy: He is the answer to the question, “If you could have the powers of any superhero who would it be?” He is one of the Heroes of Lallor from the 31st century in the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Duplicate Boy has the ability to duplicate any superpower. He can even duplicate more than one power at a time. “Want to be a superball?” (Superman + Bouncing Boy + the Atom) no problem, Duplicate Boy can do that. He is likely the most powerful comic book hero of all but the one major drawback to Duplicate Boy is that he’s not very smart. I guess everyone needs an Achilles heel.

99. Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze is the first of a few heroes that makes this list just because of the way they look.A motorcycle stuntman whose body is bonded with a demon named Zarathos. The Ghost Rider had a flaming skull for a head and was able to manipulate Hellfire in many forms, including transforming his motorcycle, creating chains or hurling balls of the stuff directly from his hands. Any way…he looks cool.

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