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Completing The Perfect Motorcycle Riding Gear Ensemble For 2008

Article by Brent Crouch

Some riders may not admit it, but the way you look when you hit the open road is important. It doesn’t matter if you prefer leather from head to toe or if you are a denim kind of guy, you need to look sharp when on your hog, both to protect yourself from a spill and in case you run into someone special while on the way to your destination. Let’s take a look at just a few of the must have additions to your motorcycle riding gear collection this season.

If you’ve ever been on the back of your hog for hours at a time, you know things can get a little bit hot. That’s why many folks choose to cover their break levers in leather for that classic touch. You can get covers that slip gently over your levers or you can get ones that feature tassels, perfect for your favorite female rider or for your favorite male rider that has an extra touch of personality to flaunt. Why hold back when on the open road, let the world know that you’re loud, you’re proud and you are here to kick some butt. Nothing adds that personal touch of flair quite like leather tassels for your break levers this season.

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