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Custom Motorcycle Parts, The China Threat

We all know that after quite a few years of exuberance, our V-Twin after-market industry has slowed down and that at the same time, coincidence or not, Asia produced motorcycle parts have invaded our showrooms and found their place on our American motorcycles. In reaction to this invasion, Team America is the theme of a collective ad campaign regrouping major American manufacturers and running now in motorcycle magazines. It aims at convincing bikers to only purchase American Made Products.

If I agree with any endeavor supporting the economy of my country, I think that this campaign doesn’t address clearly enough a couple of essential points. First, let me ask you. What are the 2 main reasons why, as a biker, you buy an American motorcycle part? Probably because it is of superior quality, of its beautiful design and because deep inside it makes you feel good to own the genuine part (by the same token rewarding financially the original inventor/designer/manufacturer). In the copy of the Team America ads I didn’t see anywhere any justification given to buy American. Why? This campaign is signed by a group of the best American companies of our industry. So, why don’t they promote their creativity, their engineering as the main justifications of buying their products?

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Tim Tebow Autographed Florida Gators NCAA Championship Custom Motorcycle


Set of 6 HARLEY-DAVIDSON Books and Videos:(4) Oversized Hardcover Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Books: HARLEY DAVIDSON History. HARLEY The Ultimate Machine, CUSTOM CHROME 2001 and 1999, (2) Videos – 1997 HARLEYS OF STURGIS and 1990 HOG HEAVEN.

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Motorcycle Custom Jacket: Personalise safety

Article by Jack Smith

Riding a motorbike is undoubtedly experience of floating in wind. This vehicle is speed packed but equally integrates the harm which can occur with the rider. To save yourself from the accident and mishappening it is wise to wear the accessories.

Riding a motorcycle locks amazing charm and pleasure. Journeying on motor bike packs loads of thrill and passion. Motorcycles are one of the most competitive forms of motorized transport in many parts of the world. This vehicle is most common mode of transportation which is familiar amongst people.

Motorcycle highly appeal youths due to the speed factor which are linked to this two-wheeler. The craze of the riding vehicle is so much so, that many movies are plotted using bike as major prop. Bollywood movie like Dhoom and its sequence show motorbike in the entire movie. Similarly, there are numerous Hollywood movies like Torque, Motorcycle Diaries, Ghost Rider etc are movies which are themed around this furious transport.

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