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Motorcycle Protection Gear – Choosing the Right Helmet

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not motorcyclists should be required by law to wear helmets. But, the truth remains: helmets do keep riders safer in the event of a crash. But, only if the rider is wearing one that fits the right way.

Once you make the decision to buy and wear a helmet each and every time you hit the road on your bike, there’s a lot for you to consider in order to choose the right motorcycle helmet for you; its style, its ability to keep you safe, not to mention its comfort and weight.

The first step to choosing the perfect helmet for you is to pick a basic style. While there may be a lot of trendy styles available these days, the three most basic styles recommended include: the full face helmet, which gives you the most protection, but is also the heaviest; the three-quarter face helmet, which is much lighter and more versatile, but basically just as safe and the half face. Lastly, there is the half face or beanie helmet style, which offers minimal protection and is not recommended by most safety experts.

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Choosing From The Best Of The Motorcycle Riding Clubs

Many people will claim that they are a true blood motorcycle rider, they even are looking to join one of the many motorcycle riding clubs that are all across the country. They seek this out in order to have a sense of belonging to something special. Before you head off to look into joining one of these clubs, there are a few simple rules that you will need to follow in order to get the most from your journey.

First be aware of the fact that there are different types of clubs out there, these clubs many times are picky as to who they do and do not let into their club. If you ask to join ad are refused admittance, don’t be down as this may simply be that you don’t meet certain requirements that they may have in place.

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Ladies Motorcycle Clothing – 7 Tips to Choosing the Right Clothing

Article by Nicola Ellison

When it comes to wearing your leather jacket on a motorcycle, there can be a real buzz in the whole event. There’s nothing better than going out for a ride with your friends and enjoying the biking experience. When it comes to men’s and women’s motorcycle clothing there’s not a great deal of difference.

However, it’s important to choose the right clothing for the journey or event you’re taking part it. Even if it’s just a trip across town with a few friends, you’ll want to have the right gear. You never know when the weather might turn against you. Most modern motorcycle clothing allows you to come prepared for any event the weather might throw at you.

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Buying Motorcycle Riding Gear – Choosing the Right Stuff

** The following is excerpted from the book, The Perfect Motorcycle: How to Choose, Find and Buy the Perfect New or Used Bike. The information provided here will give you a framework to guide your motorcycle purchases. Space limitations preclude an in-depth discussion of the subject. You can find out about the book at There are also 18 checklists and worksheets available for download at that you can use to supplement the information in the book.

Generally, when we decide what clothes to buy and wear, we choose particular clothes to feel comfortable in public settings, and to look a certain way to portray a certain image to others. We usually chose based on this evaluation hierarchy, from most to least important:

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