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Motorcycles Vs Cars: An Ongoing Debate

Although it is difficult to trace the first motorcycle back to its origins, the first prototype motorcycle came into being in Paris in 1867. It was little more than a steam-powered bicycle called a Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede. Then in 1884, the first commercial design of a motorcycle appeared in England. This was a full two years before Karl Benz, of Mercedes-Benz fame, was credited with creating the first automobile that was powered by an internal combustion engine. It wasn’t until 1894, however, that Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebran partnered with Alois Wolfmuller to create the first mass-produced motorcycle. It would not be until more than a decade later that the mass production of automobiles began.

There is a lot of information to be found about the development of the various types of engines that were tried before the internal combustion engine met with such great success. It’s a lot more difficult to track exactly how and why contention exists between many motorcyclists and automobile drivers. Even with well over a century of traveling the roadways together, there still seems to be those bikers who think that drivers needlessly endanger them, and there are those drivers who seem to think that bikers behave irresponsibly, not following the same rules of the road that apply to everyone else.

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You know what’s the secret of many fastest cars? It is not always with the drivers or the car weight, and definitely not with the car manufacturer. Usually, it is with the engine. Not with the engine itself, but with that something with the engine. Have you heard of nitrous? I’m sure you know it is a compound. But did you know it is of great use for many car enthusiasts and racers? They are using it as one of the most important element to make their engines run faster.

Nitrous is an accelerant. It means that this combination of nitrogen and oxygen resulted to a substance that can accelerate the spread of fire. It is also regarded as something that can speed up the process. Now, the use of Nitrous Oxide is the most popular method of increasing horsepower of engines because of the instant boost in power and the low cost against engine modifications to gain the same result. It is the simplest way to provide a significant horsepower to boost any gasoline engine.

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Task Force Uncovers Motorcycle Chop Shop 03/2010

DAYTONA BEACH — Hours after News 13 aired a story on a pair of stolen bikes recovered during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, investigators from the Motorcycle Task Force have uncovered an apparent chop shop operation targeting bikes.

Investigators, just like the two News 13 followed Tuesday, ran across another stolen motorcycle some time that day.

While working the case, it led them to a possible rolling chop shop operation in the area.

They believe the whole thing was run out of New York.

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