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Ride with a friend

1. Never place your Bike keys on your seat after locking up your Bike because if
you swing your leg over the seat to get off your Bike you can accidently knock
the keys (attached to the PLASTIC key fob and “gremlin bell”) down between the
red hot smoldering muffler and the frame: and mark my words the keys will get
caught on the “gremlin bell” and not fall to the ground like they should. The
key fob will probably melt unless you can figure out how to retrieve your keys
without burning your fingers. However, if you are riding with someone else who
is willing to save your key fob from melting, by putting their hand between the
smoldering hot muffler and frame, thereby burning their hand instead of burning
yours, it’s a good thing. Buy them an ice water to say thank you; they can drink
it or soak their hand.

2. Make sure your helmet strap is properly closed under your chin or snapped
shut before you take off down the road to avoid the realization that at 55+Mph
your helmet isn’t secure and thereby have to ride holding onto your helmet
straps because the helmet bouncing up and down on your head and will be
airborne at any moment – and of course the road you’re on doesn’t seem to have
room to pull over because you’re concentrating on the helmet and the road in
front of you. However the Biker you are riding with somehow notices your
dilemma (lucky they let you lead), passes you and leads the way to a safe stop
to fix the problem.

3. Never drop your keys, especially in a Bar parking lot during a Poker Run when
you are in a hurry to get to the next stop and don’t realize you dropped your
keys. Because, your new Harley has that wonderful Harley key fob security
system which requires key fob proximity to the Bike before the Bike will start
after you shut if off – even if the Bike is unlocked. However the Biker you’re
riding with can go back to the Bar parking lot, pick up the dropped keys before
someone runs over them and bring them back to you. You avoid a call to either a
friend with a trailer or to Harley Davidson, who, although have 24 assistance
they don’t always answer their phone.

4. It’s nice to have a second pair of hands when you drop your bike, that’s how
you learn the meaning of side stand.

5. Make sure you close and lock all saddlebags and tour packs before you take
off down the road. This measure will avoid pieces of stray clothing and other
items from sailing out of your tour pack and saddlebags and end up on car
windshields. Your friend can help you pick up the litter, only if you’re not on
a main highway and there’s room to pull over, and they stopped laughing enough
to help.

6. Make sure you pants aren’t longer than your legs in a sitting position.
Nothing worse that getting your pant caught up on the shifter so you can’t put
your foot down at a red light. (Refer to number 4)

7. Never ride with your mouth open when riding though a cloud of bugs. Friends
always have tissues.

8. Make sure you always top off when everyone stops for gas; there is nothing
worse than running out of gas in the Florida Everglades with the nearest gas
station miles down the road. Your friend can buy a gas can and come back with a
gallon or two, even if you’re waiting for them several hours in the sweltering
heat without water. (They can bring back water too)

9. If you can’t see in the rain and you have to ride anyway because you’re going
down the side of a mountain that has traffic and no place to pull over, be happy
the friend in the lead has no problem riding in the rain and has an LED
taillight to follow because that’s all you can see.

10. And if you rent or ride a loaner while your Bike is in the shop make sure
you get a key for the loaner Bike. Don’t expect to ride it all day almost run
it out of gas and fill it up – because you can’t, if you don’t have the key.
And if you’re riding two up because their Bike is in the shop also, just hope
there’s reserve to get you back to the dealership.

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