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Purchasing Motorcycle Leathers

Are you finding a set of motorcycle leathers yet not really sure how to have the best deal as well as the most protection in the market?


First off you should go to a good shop that will help you pick some that fit you properly. If the leathers are baggy they will not  do their job correctly. Buying custom leathers is a costly option but they will be made to fit, failing that try on plenty of “off the hook” leathers to find the best fitting.


Get leather instead of textile as they are the best material to use, I have used both and would always go for leather now after coming off with textiles on. Only one textile suit on the market comes anywhere near the level of protection that leather gives you, the Halvarssons Safety Suit, which is about twice as expensive as a decent set of leathers.

There are very good reasons why leather is used, and most of them are to do with abrasion resistance. Textiles are generally lighter, and can be waterproofed. If you don’t ride in wet conditions leather is better, and doesn’t have to be too cold or too hot. Leather can be treated to make it shower-resistant, but if you get caught in a downpour a wet leather suit is not a nice thing to be inside.


Protective leathers should last you for years and years if you look after them properly so, yes they may seem expensive, but you won’t be needing to replace them for a very long time.


Never cut costs when buying protective motorcycle clothing, you get what you pay for.


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