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Motorcycle Riding Safety

Article by Terence Toh Eng Wei

Motorcycle riding can be thrill when you’ve a proper control to it. Below are some of the common guidelines for beginners to enter safety riding: 1. Train and learn before you buy a motorcycle. 2. Always adopt a defensive riding mentality. 3. Invest in good riding gears right from head to toes. 4. Always keep and stay alert to the surrounding with anticipation so that you can react fast when unforeseen situation happens. 5. Do not speed. Speeding kills.6. Always travel with your motorcycle headlights ON. 7. If you need to have to stop by the road side temporary, please turn on you rear light or signal lights to catch attention for on coming vehicles. 8. Do not travel on the road divider as it is slippery and often enter the blind spot of the front vehicle. 9. Always keep a safety distance to the front vehicle. 10. Do not tail gate the vehicle in front of you and squeeze in between the gap. 11. Do not weave in and out on heavy congested road to show off your riding stunt. 12. When come to corners, drop speed and gear so that you’ve a better control of the motorcycle to negotiate the bend. 13. Do not brake abruptly when you are entering a corner. 14. Make sure you SIGNAL before changing of the lane (be it left or right). 15. Do not brake suddenly and if possible take a quick look at the rear view mirror to make sure there is no vehicle tail gating behind you closely. The vehicle might ram into you due to dreaming at times. 16. Every motorcycle behaves differently. It’s better to get used and accustomed to its characteristic for a while before riding it seriously and frequently. 17. Know you motorcycle parts and engine well. Maintenance of your bike is important because obviously you do not want your bike to break down half way while you are on the road. 18. Always check the tyres pressure and tyres threads are at their best performance. 19. Make sure the front and rear brakes are at their tip-top condition and make sure the brake pads are not worn off. Do remember, motorcycle riding safety ALWAYS comes first so that there are many more years ahead of you to enjoy riding. If you are a beginner and wanted to know more about riding a motorcycle, please visit http://motorcycleridingsafety.blogspot.com for more details.

About the Author

Terence had been a motorcyclist himself for the past twenty plus years. He hopes to share his motorcycling safety tips with fellow to-be motorcyclist.

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