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Motorcycle Riding Gear Your First Line of Defense

Motorcycle riding gear also known as protective gear should be worn by all bike riders. Protective riding gear serves many purposes . Protective riding gear protects riders from injuries from motorcycle accidents.

For best protection riders should wear full face motorcycle helmets to protect the head and face from impact and abrasions. All riders should wear a heavy weight leather motorcycle jacket and heavy weight leather chaps.

Both are designed to protect a rider from injuries. Other pieces you should wear are leather boots that cover the ankle area and also leather gloves. When a rider falls the first thing that hits the ground is your hands this should be remembered when purchasing gloves. Another purpose this gear serves is to keep you warm when riding in cold weather.

I have found you can ride in comfort down to 25 degrees when wearing layered clothing with a pair of chaps and insulated gloves. You should wear a helmet that has a shield to keep the cold wind from your face. Also remember to stay alert in cold weather due to slower reaction times and remember when its below freezing you make ride over some ice on road which could make for a bad day.

Wear the proper gear and you are ready for most anything that the weather can throw at you. Remember to ride safe till then hope to see you out on the open road.

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Len Henderson is a freelance writer on motorcycle safety and safety products. Len has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years and has had advanced motor officer training. He has reviewed many products related to biker safety. He shares his knowledge in articles and his website.

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