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Motorcycle Protection Gear – What Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Have

Every motorcyclist knows that accidents can – and do – happen. Protecting yourself from severe injury can be as easy as wearing the right gear. So what is the most important protective gear every motorcyclist should consider?

Full-face helmet.

Not all states require helmets (and many motorcyclists abhor them), but the simple fact is they can save you from severe head and face injury as well as death in the event of an accident. Besides, today’s helmets are sleek and stylish, allowing the rider to be both protected and trendy at the same time. When choosing a helmet, be sure it fits correctly (snug but not tight) and contains the following features: a hard outer shell; one or two vents; an impact absorption line; a comfort line; a visor and a retention strap. A helmet with all of these important components will ensure utmost safety and comfort.

Eye Protection is also very important.

Most states do require some form of eye protection for bikers (especially when their bike’s windshield rises less than 15 inches above the handlebars), which may include: a protective face mask attached to your helmet; glasses or goggles. The choice is yours, just be sure the eye protection you choose is comfortable.

Leather Jackets.

Leather or heavy-duty long sleeve jacket and long pants are a must for every motorcycle rider. Leather is often the most durable and pliable, allowing the rider to move easily. Whatever clothing you choose, just be sure that it fits snugly enough to prohibit your clothing from interfering with any part of your bike, and that it is made of a breathable fabric. After all, it can get mighty hot while riding!


Over-the-ankle boots will help protect your ankles and legs from projectiles off of the road, and the weather, as well as injury should you fall. Look for oil-resistant rubber band soles when purchasing boots, since this offers the best grip. And, when choosing a boot with a hell, be sure it is low and wide to avoid slipping.


Full fingered leather gloves. Be sure they fit snugly are comfortable and offer a good grip.

No matter what protective riding gear you choose, always be sure that it is durable enough to take a beating (because it surely will), is flexible enough to allow free movement; and is made of a breathable fabric to keep you the most comfortable. Your rising gear should never interfere with your ability to ride safely. After all, it’s meant to protect you in all situations.

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