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Motorcycle Boot Advice

Today’s biker is looking for classic styling, high performance and unmatched quality–from their boots and their bikes. So what should you look for when buying motorcycle boots? First you want Premium Oiled Leathers, the best leather available.

This Black Odessa Leather is waxed and oiled to make the boot more water resistant. I prefer the Vibram Chippewa Sole. This is the best motorcycle boot sole in the industry. This particular motorcycle boot sole is oil resistant and provides good traction due to its high surface contact area. Since a lot of us are around oil spills and such working on our bikes, this is a must have. Buy cheap boots without oil resistant soles and the oil will eat them away.

Another thing I prefer is Goodyear Welted Construction, which greatly adds to your motorcycle boot durability. Make sure the motorcycle boots are stitched, not glued, meaning that the soles are completely replaceable when you do finally wear them down, and let’s face it motorcycle riders are tough on their motorcycle boots. The uppers are going to last virtually forever so don’t make the mistake of buying motorcycle boots without replaceable soles.

Another thing overlooked by many is a Toe Shifter Pad. This is of major Importance to bikers because it protects the toe and arch from fatigue and damage due to gear shifting. That’s not something that everyone thinks about but it’s important.

Make sure the motorcycle boots you buy have Quality Non-Tarnishable Hardware. You want your motorcycle boot hardware to look as polished and shiny as your bike.

I also like the Texon Insole which takes moisture away from the foot to keep it as dry as possible. The insole is also anti-microbial, preventing bacteria growth in your motorcycle boots. Make sure the lining of your motorcycle boot is fully leather lined with additional upper padding to provide maximum comfort.

Look for the Bison Stampede Collection from Chippewa which is made from the American Bison. This leather is supple, comfortable, and durable. It normally outlasts regular bovine leather by as much as 50-80%.

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