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I didn’t get a chance to mug you

“Got into work at my usual five-o-dark, get on elevator. I’m wearing “business casual” but it’s under full leathers. I’m heading up to second floor from G4, when the elevator stops at G2 and a nicely dressed lady, about my age, gets on. She glances at me, and I say “Good morning” – no acknowledgment – and she quickly turns around to assume the correct elevator position – facing forward. The doors are brass, I can see her glance up at my reflection, then down, to stare at the floor when she sees me see her seeing me. We stop at the lobby and she’s walking out before the door opens… as the doors start to close, she takes a fast glance back to make sure I’m not following her.

Have a NICE day! So sorry I didn’t get a chance to mug you and take your DKNY purse.
Maybe next time, OK? You can meet my gan- er, friends. You’ll like them, too…”
As posted on the Roadhouse April 2010

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