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High Quality Police Motorcycle Helmets with Attractive Features

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New technology has been added to the police force to empower them in serving the community in a better way. The wireless helmet communications is fast becoming the industry requirement across the U.S. which offers versatility along with reliability. Los Angeles Police Department have a strong motorcycle force which rely mostly on the helmet communication and enforce law and order. The police helmets are integrated with sophisticated technology which let the motorcycle police force perform their task in a convenient and hassle free way.

A police motorcycle helmet is designed in a brilliant manner to fit the needs. It is light weight and comfortable to wear. The police helmets are available in wireless helmet communication and wired helmet communication. The helmets are integrated with Bluetooth@ wireless technology which provides secure signal, encrypted and allowing the rider to convey messages from one motorcycle to another within seconds without the requirement of special tools or buttons.

The features of wired helmet communications are also attractive. The wired motorcycle interface kit offers varied options depending on the need of the officer. Such products are made from high quality materials for reliability and durability. Wired police motorcycle helmets are designed with water resistance, waterproof PTT switches, reinforced cable, noise controlling features and military spec connectors.

Police motorcycle helmets come with the provision of auto-switching. The helmet automatically gets activated whenever the radio power is turned on.

There are numerous models of police helmet which vary in features. Some of the popular models are

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