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Grandmother sells house to ride

In a true Amelia Earheart spirit, Sue O’Grady, a 62 year old grandmother from Sprotborough, UK is selling her six bedroom house in order to generate enough money for a trip around the world on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sue is not a lifetime rider, she only recently got her motorcycle license, at the age of 50, and only owned her first bike at the age of 55. Today she has a fully customized Harley Low Rider, on which she plans to ride around the world.

Sue, who used to run a hairdressing business said “The Harley Davidson lifestyle in the seven years since I’ve been riding has completely changed my life. It is just brilliant.”.

She already has quite some experience riding long distance adventure rides, since she went for a trip around Europe, clocking up 100,000 miles already. For her RTWRound The World, she’ll start out riding from the UK to Dubai, a 6,000 mile journey. From there, Asia, Australia, South Africa and America.

The sale of the house should permit her to travel for a long time. But what happens when the money runs out? According to Sue “Dreams do come to an end but I want to live the dream first. When I’m sitting in an old people’s home I want to remember, if I can remember, where I’ve been. I want to talk about it and think about it. There’s no point sitting in this house which is costing me a fortune to keep. I’d rather ride my bike round the world. That’ll be much better.”

What a great idea. A true biker spirit.

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