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Completing The Perfect Motorcycle Riding Gear Ensemble For 2008

Article by Brent Crouch

Some riders may not admit it, but the way you look when you hit the open road is important. It doesn’t matter if you prefer leather from head to toe or if you are a denim kind of guy, you need to look sharp when on your hog, both to protect yourself from a spill and in case you run into someone special while on the way to your destination. Let’s take a look at just a few of the must have additions to your motorcycle riding gear collection this season.

If you’ve ever been on the back of your hog for hours at a time, you know things can get a little bit hot. That’s why many folks choose to cover their break levers in leather for that classic touch. You can get covers that slip gently over your levers or you can get ones that feature tassels, perfect for your favorite female rider or for your favorite male rider that has an extra touch of personality to flaunt. Why hold back when on the open road, let the world know that you’re loud, you’re proud and you are here to kick some butt. Nothing adds that personal touch of flair quite like leather tassels for your break levers this season.

Chances are, when you climb on board your bike, you are all about leather from head to toe. Why not complete your motorcycle riding gear ensemble this season with a classic leather wallet with chain. Ensure that your wallet will never fly out of your pocket while riding or during any other time. Make your way through crowded bars, clubs and other tight places with peace of mind on your side. A leather wallet with chain is the perfect compliment to any leather jacket look.

If you have been looking for the perfect piece of leather headwear, but you just aren’t the kind of person who can pull off a skull cap, try a leather baseball cap. This sweet look goes perfectly with a leather vest or jacket and can be worn up for a normal look, down over the eyes for a more private look or even backwards for a look that says, “party time!” Don’t get caught without the proper head covering you need on the open road this year; an adjustable leather baseball cap can complete any look and is the perfect addition to your motorcycle riding gear collection this season.

What can be said about the leather vest that hasn’t already been said? Of all of the typical motorcycle riding gear items, more people own a leather vest than any other, and why not? Very few other pieces of clothing carry the look, the style and the class that a leather vest does. You can find ones with pockets and ones without and ones with a button up front and ones that hang open. No matter what your style or attitude, you would be hitting the road naked this year without a handsome leather vest to add to your motorcycle riding gear collection.

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