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You know what’s the secret of many fastest cars? It is not always with the drivers or the car weight, and definitely not with the car manufacturer. Usually, it is with the engine. Not with the engine itself, but with that something with the engine. Have you heard of nitrous? I’m sure you know it is a compound. But did you know it is of great use for many car enthusiasts and racers? They are using it as one of the most important element to make their engines run faster.

Nitrous is an accelerant. It means that this combination of nitrogen and oxygen resulted to a substance that can accelerate the spread of fire. It is also regarded as something that can speed up the process. Now, the use of Nitrous Oxide is the most popular method of increasing horsepower of engines because of the instant boost in power and the low cost against engine modifications to gain the same result. It is the simplest way to provide a significant horsepower to boost any gasoline engine.

Nitrous systems can increase the power of your car by 0.5 hp (0.37kW) up to 3,000 hp (2,200kW). But this still depends on the engine type and the nitrous system type.

Once you heat nitrous oxide up to 570 degrees F (~300C), it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. The injection of nitrous oxide into the engine means there will be more oxygen available during combustion. From this split, there are more oxygen produced, time for you to inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power.

To get 200,000 miles or up using a nitrous-fed engine, there is a standard being followed. First, understand the right mixture of fuel. For a normal car, rich mixture on the one that has too much fuel and not enough air. This doesn’t do harm to the engine. What is harmful is when you’ve got a lean mixture. A lean mixture is made up of too much air and not enough fuel. It doesn’t burn well. Instead, it explodes and creates very high temperatures within the cylinders. It can melt pistons, valves, bend connecting rod and many more.

There is another thing that a nitrous can improve when it comes to performance. When it vaporized, it will provide a significant cooling effect on the intake air. If you reduce the intake air temperature, you’re also increasing the density of air which will provide more oxygen inside the cylinder.

One problem with nitrous oxide is that the engine will need a lot of it because of its bulky size. It takes up an amount of space even if it is already compressed into a liquid. A driver can only use it selectively by pushing the button. Because to be able to run a car continuously, it should save the amount of nitrous that it carries because it just might last for few minutes.

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