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California Motorcycle Law

Are you a motorcycle rider and living in the State of California? If yes, you must know the pleasure of riding in the state. If you ride a motorcycle in this state you will get to admire the beauty of Pacific coastline, acres of wine country vineyards and you can also be pleased with the beauty of the most eye-catching mountains and valley and everything in California. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are the most common vehicular accidents seen in the State of California.

California is a state, which has about one million registered motorcycles.  In a research survey, it was evaluated that 10% of the road accidents involved a motorcycle, and over 10,000 people are being injured due to motorcycle accidents each year and over 500 people are killed due to this type of accident. Actually, accidents are unexpected and often times even happen when the biker is riding safely, obeying all traffic rules.

As a matter of fact, almost 75% of the time the motorcycle collides with other vehicles, in which the other driver holds the fault to a certain degree. This fault, by other driver is called “negligence”. According to California law, if the opposite driver is negligent then you can demand for compensation if you are injured in the accident. In this type of case it is good to call a California motorcycle accident lawyer to file a case against the other driver.

Statistics of California state tell us that the most common reason for motorcycle accidents is that the involvement of the driver of other vehicle didn’t see the motorcycle. Even though this type of accident can happen anywhere, it usually takes place at a point of an intersection or crossing. Most of the time if you question about the accident, the other driver answers that they never even saw the motorcycle before the accident.

This is a typical example of carelessness and in this case the biker can demand compensation if they have sustained any injuries. According to the law of California, even if the biker is partially at fault for the accident, he can still recover compensation from the other driver. According to the negligence theory, all vehicle drivers owe more of a responsibility to lookout for bikers and pedestrians to avoid accidents causing serious injuries.

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