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Biker Slang: Acronyms and Definitions

Biker Slange: Acronyms and Definitions
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Airheads- (not a reference to hair color) Reference to older, air-cooled BMW motorcycles

AMA –  American Motorcycle Association

ATGATT –  All The Gear All The Time  –   mouse man

ATM –  All Things Motorcycle

BAB –  Born Again Biker – Someone who has recently returned to riding after a period of absence and really ought to get some advanced training.
contributed by Matt the Rat

Big Twin- Large V-Twin engine

Cage– Car, Van or truck

CMA-  Christian Motorcycle Association

CRAFT –  Can’t remember a freaking thing –  Submitted by anonymous

Dresser- Larger bike normally “dressed with” a full touring package (fairing, windshield, saddle bags an hopefully a comfortable seat).

Easy Rider- Movie title or more know The Easy Rider magazine

Fairing-  The front part of the bik, (batwing) made of plexiglas or other lightweight material designed to house headlights and other electrical components such as gauges, cd players and other indicators. Also designed to deflect wind, rain and road debris.

GBNF-  Gone By Not Forgotten

Hang Around- A person not invovled with an actual MC other than show they may be interested in joining. They may  do this by being friendly to a particular MC by wearing support Tees,  support events, hang around with the MC, and may ride, at times with them.

Independent-  Biker with having no club affiliation.

Jugs-that and  Cylinders

Knucklehead- Harley Davidson engine produced from 1936 to 1947.  The engine is characterized by large nuts on the right side of engine above the cylinders making it appear similar to knuckles.

Lid- Helmet

MC- More Coming  –  Overheard in conversation

Meet- An Event

Nut Cracker-  The tank fuel cap (espeically if the cap is left open)

OEM-  Original Equipment Manufacturer

Panhead-Harley- Davidson engine produced between 1948 and 1965.  Named after the valve  covers that are similar to small turkey roasting pans.

PMS –  Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

Q-Tip- Elderly cage driver

Rat Bike– Motorcycle composed of several motorcycle parts, mking it as cheap as possible,and painted matt black,  Can you say Mad Max?

RUB – Rich Urban Biker – Submitted by anonymous

Scoot- Motorcycle

Tats- Tattoos

Under Brake-   Not applying brakes to their full capability, causing a longer than needed stopping distance: sometime a crash

V2 Evolution– Harley’s engine introduced in 1984

WHORE– We Haul Our Riders Everywhere

X-Trap–  Rail road tracks that cross creating an X or slit which can trap the a narrow tire of motorcycle bringing the biker down

Yard Shark– Dogs who appear out of no where, chasing your tires, running in front of your bike or biting your boots

Z-Bar- Style of handlebar that sweeps from the risers toward teh front fo the bike and back again toward the rider.

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