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4 Essentials For Motorcycle Safety

American roads can be quite dangerous as it is-but never more dangerous than when you hop onto a motorcycle. As a lover of motorcycles who uses one for daily transportation, I don’t say this to discourage you from riding by any means. But what I do discourage is someone hopping onto a bike without knowing the risks.

It’s important to be aware, be prepared, and drive safely-here are 4 essentials for motorcycle safety that every rider should keep in mind, regardless of the laws in their particular state.

1. A Helmet

The first is a helmet. Motorcycle helmets are your number one piece of safety equipment on a motorcycle, and they are designed to protect your head and face. Make sure you get a helmet that fits, as one that fits improperly can not only be useless but increase the chances of hurting your neck. Check the strap for security and comfort, ensure there is plenty of inner padding, and get a helmet with a face mask for extra protection from the elements and in accidents.

2. Gloves

Gloves are often overlooked by new riders but are an important part of motorcycle safety equipment-another essential. Not only do they protect the hands in the case of an accident, but they also protect them from the elements.

While you may be able to endure the stinging cold on your fingers while riding, when your fingers become numb or are extremely uncomfortable, your ability to maneuver the bike decreases. In a similar vein, if it is hot, your hands can become sweaty, making it more difficult to engage the throttle without the extra traction gloves provide.

Again, make sure they fit correctly, and there should be no “slippage” inside the gloves.

3. Thick Clothing

Thick clothing that covers the legs and arms is also essential. This becomes imperative when a bike goes down on the asphalt at even lower speeds, and may very well keep you from losing a few layers of skin. Not to mention that covering your legs can protect you from some nasty burns from hot pipes, whether climbing on or lying underneath your bike.

Many of the best gear manufacturers also build in addition padding to cover the joints and other vulnerable parts of the body.

4. Ultra-Defensive Driving

The absolute most essential need for driving motorcycles is ultra-defensive driving. Because let’s face it, when you’re out there on the bike, it doesn’t matter how hard you focus on correct, safe driving when all it takes is some other driver to make a mistake. You’re the one that is hard to see, and you’re the one stands to lose the most when it comes to a collision between you and another car.

So it’s up to you to compensate for the inadequacies or simple mistakes of others-that’s all there is to it. Go out of your way to be the most defensive driver on the road. And while you’re at it, drive slower, be more aware, give yourself more stopping time, and take fewer risks. And never, ever, drive under the influence of alcohol-even just one beer.

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