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Motorcycle Riding Gear – Textiles Vs Leathers – Which is Best for your Needs?

The textiles vs leathers debate is all about tradeoffs. Choosing which material to use to cover your hide with and spend your pennies on depends on how much you value individual tradeoffs and ultimately, your intended use and riding conditions. Sounds easy enough, but deciding between textiles vs leathers has had great rider minds in a muddle and increasingly so over the last couple of years as the quality and versatility of both materials has improved so much! Just type in “textiles vs leathers ” into google and you will find that 90% of the results are from forums with the answer ultimately resulting in the fact that it depends on your personal preferences. The problem is that this does not help those new to the biking world who have not had the time or experience to develop their own, well-guided prefences… and so the argument goes on.

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  • Brand New Sign
  • Long Lasting
  • GREAT Gift idea
  • Easy to install
POLICE MOTORCYCLE PARKING ONLY SIGN. A BRAND NEW sign!! Made of thick aluminum and tough vinyl lettering and graphics. This sign is 12in. wide and 18in. tall - the same size as official signs. This is a novelty sign made like an official sign. Can be



  • Please review sizechart before purchase if you are not certain about sizing.
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Waterproof and breathable Rip Stop Nylon shell with sealed seams is rated MVM 5000 for maximum breathability.
Polyester mesh lining enhances air circulation and comfort.
Waterproof/breathable str

List Price: $ 69.99 Price: $ 69.99

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Straight Talk Law: The Truth About Washington Motorcycle Accidents

Beyond The Law [DVD]

  • Factory sealed DVD
An undercover narcotics agent gets too comfortable in his job as a member of a biker gang.

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BMW Motorcycles – A Brief History By Alan Liptrot

Up until the end of World War 1, BMW was a manufacturer of aircraft engines. Its famous blue and white circular badge, which is said to represent aircraft propellers in motion, being a reminder of the company’s past. The fact that the logo actually derives from the colours of the flag of Bavaria, and was used a good 12 years before BMW began to build aircraft engines, has done nothing to interfere with the popular myth.

When the German Air Force was disbanded and outlawed after the war, BMW had to turn its attentions elsewhere to put bread on the table. After briefly flirting with the manufacturer of agricultural machinery and even office furniture, they began building motorcycles. At that time, the chief designer was a man named Max Friz, who was responsible for the famous Boxer engines, the first of which was based on a British Douglas design.

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Motogear Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Classic Accessories MotoGear 73707 Motorcycle Saddle Bags

  • Dual saddle bags attach quickly with adjustable rubberized grip straps and quick-release buckles
  • Heat shield panels on the bottom and sides protect against hot exhaust
  • Foam panels provide structure and protect gear
  • Big zippered cargo compartments with easy-open handles
  • Pull-out storm shield
MotoGear Motorcycle Saddle Bags are a rugged, universal-fit saddle bag cargo system. The heavy-duty UV-resistant ProtekX Extreme fabric shell provides maximum weather and abrasion protection. Heat shield panels on the bottom and sides protect the bag


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CrampBuster Throttle Mounted Motorcycle Cruise Assist

Motocross Action Magazine

Motocross Action Magazine

The nations #1 motocross magazine. MOTOCROSS ACTION written by and for the motocross racing enthusiast, with articles of interest to both the competitive rider and the spectator enthusiast.

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Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well

Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well (Book & CD)

  • Used Book in Good Condition
From the publishers of Motorcycle Consumer News, Shifting Gears at 50 is a one-of-a-kind motorcycling manual for returning and late-entry riders, essentially anyone 40 years old and up who’s looking to hit the road on two wheels. Author Philip Buon

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